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  1. Charger Shimano KECE6002D Steps Battery E5000

    SKU: 91240275
    240In stock
  2. Shifter Shimano Nexus Revo ASLC30007L210LAR 2100mm 7 Speed

    SKU: 90230813
    889In stock
  3. Discbrake Shimano KM7000LFPSX075 750mm Left Front PM W/FIN b

    SKU: 90231173
    1In stock
  4. Discbrake Shimano KR7020DRRDSX150 105 Rear Right 1500mm

    SKU: 88219800
    20In stock
  5. Discbrake Shimano AMT501EJLFPRX080 800mm Left Front PM JKIT

    SKU: 90231349
    41In stock
  6. Discbrake Shimano KR8025DRRCSX140 1400mm RR FM20 J-KIT FIN

    SKU: 90231710
    25In stock
  7. Shift Cable Shimano KOTRS900150LA RS900 150mm Black W/ECAP s

    SKU: 90231598
    1992In stock
  8. Front Hub Shimano AHBTX505B532H F 9X100 CL w/QR

    SKU: 90231586
    69In stock
  9. Dynamo Hub Shimano ADH3D37BBL15 32H F 9x100 CL Black W/QR

    SKU: 90231567
    1In stock
  10. Discbrake Shimano ARS600JALF6RX070 700mm Left Front 160FM JK

    SKU: 90231363
    49In stock
  11. Discbrake Shimano ARS600JARRCRX150 1500mm Right Rear FM20 JK

    SKU: 90231359
    49In stock
  12. Discbrake Shimano AMT501EJLFPRX095 950mm Left Front PM JKIT

    SKU: 90231352
    6In stock
  13. Discbrake Shimano AMT501EKLFPRX085 850mm Left Front PM bk

    SKU: 90231350
    6In stock
  14. Discbrake Shimano AMT501EKLFPRX080 800mm Left Front PM bk

    SKU: 90231348
    21In stock
  15. Discbrake Shimano AMT501EJRRXRX165 1650mm Right Rear PM JKIT

    SKU: 90231346
    9In stock
  16. Discbrake Shimano AMT501EJRRXRX160 1600mm Right Rear PM JKIT

    SKU: 90231345
    7In stock
  17. Discbrake Shimano AMT4012JGRXRX135 1350mm Right Rear PM JKIT

    SKU: 90231304
    77In stock
  18. Front Derailleur Shimano KFDM6020D6 SS FP DM 2x10 34-38T

    SKU: 90231530
    100In stock
  19. Front Derailleur Shimano KFDM702011E6X SS 2x11 34-38T FP

    SKU: 90231518
    20In stock
  20. Spacer Shimano F/BB SM-BB91 adapt 41A Y1GS14000

    SKU: 90231912
    1264In stock
  21. Screw Shimano F/ XTR Brake Y8JB98010

    SKU: 90231910
    29In stock
  22. Discbrake Shimano KRS505DRRCSX135 1350mm RR FM20 J-kit

    SKU: 90231807
    1In stock
  23. Shifter Shimano Di2 KSTR9150L 2s Left

    SKU: 90231668
    1In stock
  24. Hub Parts Shimano KSM8S31A0110A Nexus Non-Turn Washer (8R/8L

    SKU: 90231581
    146In stock
  25. Rear Hub Shimano AFHMT510BBL 32H 12x148 MS12 CL Black

    SKU: 90231580
    3In stock
  26. Front Hub Shimano AHBM8110BBX Deore XT 32H 15X110 CL AFM

    SKU: 90231574
    57In stock
  27. Front Hub Shimano AHBM8010BE 32H 15x110 CL

    SKU: 90231573
    46In stock
  28. Front Hub Shimano AHBM3050B Acera 32H F 9x100 CL w/QR

    SKU: 90231571
    70In stock
  29. Rear Hub Shimano AFHRM35BZAL 32H R 9X135 CL w/QR

    SKU: 90231570
    273In stock
  30. Rear Hub Shimano AFHM3050BZBL5 32H 135 QR170

    SKU: 90231569
    38In stock
  31. Front Derailleur Shimano KFDM6020E6 SS FP DM 2x10 34-38T

    SKU: 90231531
    52In stock
  32. Front Derailleur Shimano AFDM4000TSL6 3x9s 34,9mm

    SKU: 90231513
    126In stock
  33. Front Derailleur Shimano KFDM8070 XT Di2 2x11 34-38T DS

    SKU: 90231508
    30In stock
  34. Front Derailleur Shimano KFDM702511LM6 34-38T 2x11s DP 31.8m

    SKU: 90231504
    27In stock
  35. Crankset Shimano KFCM7000BCX44 11S 170mm 34T-24T HT2 bk

    SKU: 90231463
    2In stock
  36. Discbrake Shimano AMT5012KLFPRX080 800mm Left Front PM bk

    SKU: 90231341
    13In stock

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