About Blomson

Over the past 25 years Blomson built up a wide international network in the global bicycle industry.
By trading, traveling, introducing their own brands and, above all, by watching and listening to what is happening in the industry.
The conclusion: the crux is in the management of stocks.
Canceled orders, out of date components and accessories are filling up the warehouses.
Blomson closes that gap with a unique B2B concept, where supply and demand are brought together.

Through this website it's possible to buy and sell 24/7. Offer and search with one click.
In all segments, or all brands, from complete bikes to the smallest accessories.
We offer fast handling, short delivery times, and clear insight into our actual stock.
We know the international bicycle market like no other and take agreements with suppliers and dealers worldwide into account. 

For a personal meeting or more information please contact us, by phone (+31) 23 3030 370
or email: sales@blomson.com or skype maurice.blom0812 / wiegerdG75.


Blomson guarantees fast orders or orders, competitive prices, thanks to an extensive, international network. With personal attention as an important added value.

Personal contact

Director / owner Maurice Blom and sales account manager Wieger de Graaf are always available for questions or more information.

The store is always open

24/7 buying and selling through the website.

Transparency, fast handling and always the best deals


Blomson has been active worldwide for 25 years on the bicycle market. By trading, traveling, introducing their own brands. Always looking for the best deals, either to buy or sell. We're no nonsense company, innovative, with personal attention as a unique selling point. Within the international, broad customer base Blomson has built up a reputation as a reliable partner for stock clearance. We know the international bicycle market and we always have a large and varied stock of bikecomponents and accessories at competitive prices.

For a personal meeting or more information contact us by telephone (+31) 23 3030 370 or by email: sales@blomson.com

Our staff

Blomson consciously opts for a flat and clear corporate structure, with low overhead, thus working as cost-efficiently as possible. By staff with expert knowledge on the international bicycle market.

Maurice Blom maurice@blomson.com (+31) 6-51530827 Wieger de Graaf wieger@blomson.com (+31) 6-53318066 Rob King (+886) 0988927332 rob@blomsonasia.com and Iain Pollitt-Walmsley (+44) 7543983050 iain@blomson.com

Maurice Blom

Founder - Director

Wieger de Graaf

Sales Account manager

Stanley Hollmann


Lisette Nijholt


Chantal Blom


René van Dusschoten

Warehouse Employee

Brian Burggraaf

Warehouse Employee

Rob King

Sales Account Manager Asia

Iain Pollitt-Walmsley

Sales Account Manager UK